About Midnight Productions

Founded in 2022 by Craig Martien, Midnight Productions is a low-budget and high-quality theater and film production club for the Williams College student community.

We strive to enrich theater and film on campus by producing a more diverse selection of works, with an emphasis on student films and classics by playwrights such as Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, and Henrik Ibsen. We are committed to creating exciting and authentic works of art, striving to build a community of writers, actors, directors, special/practical effects artists, camera operators, painters, sculptors, and all sorts of other creatives. We may try to put on a theatrical air of mystery and intrigue, but our doors are always open. We want to create a community of Midnighters that is tight-knit but welcoming.

If you have an @williams.edu email, you can join our email list here!

Feel free to send us an email! You can reach us at president@12am.pro.


Our motto is Ελευθερία στην τέχνη, or in latin characters, Elefthería stin téchni. It means Freedom in Art.

Leadership and Constitution

The current Midnight Productions board members are President Satya Benson and Treasurer Thomas Tsekerides. They are bound by the Midnight Productions Constitution.