Midnight Productions Presents: While We're Here

We are excited to announce that Midnight Productions will be producing Cody McManus '27's one-act play While We're Here. Performances will be in April.

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About While We're Here

When former high school teammates reunite in their hometown, they find their differences threatening to tear them apart. This play is a lighthearted one-act which wrestles with life’s biggest questions.

While We’re Here takes place exclusively within the walls of a shabby escape room, of which, all six characters (excepting Hannah) remain confined in. The five teammates bicker incessantly as their time to escape ticks away, though what lies at the end of the journey seems increasingly uncertain. Throughout the play, perhaps no two characters find themselves on quite the same page, so their answers to mutually looming questions develop in starkly distinct ways.


Everything corporate and polished. Sharply spoken and quick to take charge. Doesn’t seem to have much time for pleasantries, likely by his own design. Enrolled at UPenn.


Speaks when he ought to, honest enough. Is comfortable in his own shoes but isn’t afraid to try on another pair. Respected, not feared. Works as a carpenter’s apprentice.


Constantly seeks social validation however he can get it. Picks on whoever can fight back the least. Attends University of South Carolina.


Doesn’t take anything too seriously, accepts what life gives him. Lays his cards on the table, no matter the hand. Recently dropped out of North Dakota State College.


Always a few steps behind, often too honest. Desperate to love. Goes to Bard College.


Flat affect. Knows more than everyone else.